The level model influences all knowledge areas (as per PMI) in an LSP. Some of the areas may be more affected than others. Therefore, the next chapters describe the most crucial topics in terms of the relevance for the LPLM©:

Project Governance

One of the most important – and often overlooked – part in large-scale projects is the set-up of an adequate governance. That incorporates all internal and external influences of various levels. A clear structure divides the several views in a project to the three level. Additionally, the governance influences the ways of planning, reporting, and communicating. Both topics need a defined environment of responsibilities that enables all involved project member to contribute as expected.

Risk Management

An adapted risk management is an important part of a large-scale project. Treating this topic properly may reduce the failure of a project significantly. The following chapters discuss the need for a tailored risk management according the view of the three level.