Large scale projects need a clearly defined approach that goes beyond the usual project management frameworks. There are several ways published that may help to create a suitable breakdown and governance. They often offer only partial solutions to organize and manage very complex projects environment in an LSP.

The “LargeProject-LevelModel (LPLM©)” supplies a clear and consistent structure for all kinds of projects. Characteristic of the model is the distinction between three level that basically represent different entities in a complex project environment. There may be the need for more level in certain projects, but it is recommended to keep the following three ones:

Figure O2: LPLM© Level Definition

Keeping this structure in mind it becomes easier to create a sophisticated structure that covers all parts of a project. The next chapters initially focus on several major topics which are most influenced by the LPLM©. The model strives to define steps how to structure all influences on a project into a clearly arranged way of working. This ensures that any occuring complexity can be assessed and handled.

Strategical Level

The Strategical Level expresses the “Why a project is done”. Its major attributes are:

  • It connects the management and the outcomes of a project with the overall goals of the executing organization.
  • The level incorporates business relevant topics.
  • Project sponsor or important stakeholder are part of it.

Tactical Level

The tactical level expresses the “How a project is done”. Its major attributes are:

  • It connects the strategic aims with the daily execution of the project.
  • The level gathers all input to create the final project plans.
  • The project manager or a team of project managers constitute this level.

Operational Level

The operational level expresses “What in a project is done”. Its major attributes are:

  • The level creates the final outcomes of the project.
  • It connects the execution with the planning and monitoring of the project
  • The execution teams belong on this level.