Operational Risk Management

This level gathers and assesses all risks that come up during the project execution. All related processes are described in the known project management models which give a pretty good view on the necessary tasks. Additionally to these tasks, the… Continue Reading

Tactical Risk Management

Risk management in the Tactical Level is without any doubt a very tricky task because it deals with operational risks as well as strategical ones. All tasks on this level must align between bot sides and manage the risks accordingly.… Continue Reading

Strategical Risk Management

The major functionality is the assessment of risks which come from the lower levels to a view that shows the influence on the strategic goals of an organization. All respective tasks should lower the influence of a risk to a… Continue Reading

Definition „Risk“

Risk management is an important part in all projects. All project management frameworks described detailed the processes. There are many publications about this topic available. Many of these papers refer to operational risk management that occur in the daily work… Continue Reading