The level model allows to manage several ways of interaction between the level and the knowledge areas. There are three ways how the interaction and therefore the level influence each other: The vertical direction describes the interaction of a knowledge area… Continue Reading


Drafting a valid basis for all work is often called “The Art of Planning” because it is like creating a piece of art. There are many books, articles and blogs that deal with this topic. The planning in an LSP… Continue Reading


The level model influences all knowledge areas (as per PMI) in an LSP. Some of the areas may be more affected than others. Therefore, the next chapters describe the most crucial topics in terms of the relevance for the LPLM©:… Continue Reading


Large scale projects need a clearly defined approach that goes beyond the usual project management frameworks. There are several ways published that may help to create a suitable breakdown and governance. They often offer only partial solutions to organize and… Continue Reading

Definition „Large Projects“

There are many definitions for so-called “Large Scale Project (LSP)”. It does not matter how to define this kind of venture exactly. There is no clear border or threshold to call a project a large one. It depends on the… Continue Reading


Projects of all kind have become an important part of running and shaping business in all industries. These investments often have a critical influence on an organization and its business. Therefore, success or failure of those projects might significantly influence… Continue Reading