Tactical Governance

The tactical level represents to roles that are usually called “Project Manager”. Nevertheless, this level is more than just a management layer. It connects the overall goals of the executing organization with the daily operation and execution of a project.… Continue Reading

Operational Governance

The operational level often includes many teams or other executing entities. One of the important considerations is therefore the relation and communication between these teams. Tasks The operational level in large-scale projects supports these functions: Create and maintain operational plans… Continue Reading

Strategical Governance

This level stands for the management level of the executing organization. That may be the management board, a group of managers related to the overall management, a dedicated steering committee, the program level related to a project, etc. Tasks The… Continue Reading

Definition „Governance“


The project governance is not part of any knowledge area. It creates the foundation for the project execution. Challenges One of the biggest challenges in all large projects is the definition of the right governance. It must consider all stakeholder… Continue Reading