One of the biggest challenges in all large projects is the creation of an appropriate governance. This task is often underestimated and does not take all possible relations into account. Why is it such a critical part? In difference to smaller projects a LSP usually addresses many stakeholder at several level of influence. Many project management guides claim that this challenge can be tackled with the "right" communication. This statement is basically true and misleading together. More communication may lead to a better involvement of different individuals or stakeholder groups. At the same time it creates additional effort, interferences between different communication channels and even confusion. Additionally, it does not solve the issue of the expected input to the project which is different for each group.Applying the LPLM© the set-up of the governance for a LSP contains these topics:

  1. Define all level of influence and their audience.
  2. Identify all stakeholder that must be involved.
  3. Appoint each stakeholder to a level.
  4. Describe the level of influence and the expected contribution at each level.
  5. Organize the related communication between all level.

The list above may look as a simple task but it must not be underestimated. All defined level have their own influence to all groups of project management like scheduling, scope, risk. Any inappropriate definition that happens at the beginning of a project will form the outcomes to a bad shape. The figure in "Overview>Definition" shows a general view that is suitable for all large scale projects. It takes the three major level "Strategical, Tactical, Operational" into account. There might be a demand for more level but this is often mixed up with additional management levels which can be formed following this approach. Any of the level in the LPLM© may span over several management level. For example, the tactical level may incorporate the project management, several sub project manager and several additional consultants who accompany the project for different reasons.